Preserving My Sanity

Preserving My Sanity


Recently I have been dealing with stressful situations and have become overwhelmed with life. Feeling low and defeated made me rethink my existence and priorities.

I walked to the beach on my lunch break and didn’t want to come back. The entire time I kept thinking “Can I please get a break?” I wanted to leave and never come back.

I started thinking about how I need funds to sponsor my life and businesses.

I remembered how many lives I have changed since I started living my dream.

That made it a little easier to endure but I still needed a break.

After meditating, working out and resting, I woke up the next morning feeling relieved. I decided to take a day off to regroup and to preserve my sanity.

Taking a day off to care about ME felt so good!

On that day, I did what I wanted to do.

Having that day off made me realize so many things.

  1. I am more than just a worker. I spend so much time planning and working that I forget about me.

  2. I need to do what I love each day. During the day, I did what I wanted at my pace. It felt so good!

  3. I have to stay positive during the adversity. By removing myself from negativity, I was able to relieve stress and tension.

Since I started running more, I have realized how important it is to have positive energies around you.


To be able to complete a long run you have to stay positive to finish.

Positive energies are what keep you alive. You need the negative energies as well to appreciate the positive but the goal is to always maintain a balance.

Everyday you have the power to choose how you wish to live. Know that you have control of your existence. Your purpose for being here is far greater than your career or money.

Find what you love and implement it into your life everyday. Try your best to stay positive. Do all of this to preserve your sanity.

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