LA Marathon 18' Training Pt.1

LA Marathon 18' Training Pt.1

Week 1:

“I have a long road ahead of me but I will push through”

Going into this training cycle I am making it a priority to focus on running more efficiently. I will focus on strength training, proper recovery and consuming the right foods. My diet will consist of a balance of carbs, proteins, vegetables and fruits.

My goal for LA Marathon 2018 is to finish in 4:30 ( a one hour PR)

I know that I have to be serious about my training runs to meet this goal, but I am ready for the challenge.

Miles: 26

LA Marathon 1.JPG

Week 2:

“We don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges”

The week started off good. The first few runs of the week were at a comfortable pace.

Wednesday's workout was a speed workout (tempo run). The workout consisted of a warmup, 10 min run at 10k pace and cool down. I felt great until we finished.

LA Marathon 2.PNG

Los Angeles County and Ventura County had several wildfires this week so the air quality was poor. My office building smelled of smoke and embers were falling from the sky.

I left work early because I had a hard time breathing and I had to use my inhaler several times.

After I finished the run, I kept coughing and it wouldn’t stop.

My chest felt tight and the dry cough persisted.

I ended up going to the emergency room to get a breathing treatment, steroids and medicine.

The doctor ordered that I refrain from outdoor running until the air cleared.

It was tough for me to miss out on one of the first long run of the season but I knew it would be best to focus on recovering.

To keep my muscles warm and my endurance up, I worked out on the indoor bike and stair master.

Miles: 8

Week 3:

“Temporary setbacks are overshadowed by persistence”

After my minor setback, I felt more appreciative of the run. Even if the run is uncomfortable, there is a freedom that comes from being out there.  I hated missing out on the long run with the team (BlacklistLA).

Now that I’ve been a pacer, I'm much more connected to the runners. Being a pacer has made me focus even more on ensuring that I perform well.

LA Marathon 3.PNG

During this week I made it a point to track my time by practicing during my solo runs. I also monitored my breathing and strides.

I incorporated strength training and practiced yoga after each run. I’ve also been focusing on mindfulness during this cycle.

LA Marathon 4.JPG
LA Marathon 5.JPG

90% of long-distance running is mental. Each time I go into another cycle and challenge myself more, I learn the importance of this.

Miles: 33 miles

Week 4:

“The buildup of hard work gets you to the next level”

How can I get better? Practice, Repetition, Consistency, Dedication.

My second time doing hill sprints, I felt stronger. I focused on my breathing and stride so that I could push harder uphill.

I did have a hard time keeping up that pace when I leveled out but I was able to see where I needed improvement.

LA Marathon 2017 was my second full marathon but my first time running the course.

In the same way that I came back stronger on the hill repeats, I will come back stronger on the course.

“You run the course”

You give it your all. You learn. You come back to get better. 

Miles: 30

Most consumed foods during the month: Wild Caught Salmon, Cod, Ahi Tuna, Free Range Eggs, Vegetarian Meat Substitutes, Leafy Greens, Green Juice, Mixed Greens Salad, Steamed Veggies, Acai, Citrus Fruits & Berries

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Thank you for following my marathon journey. For daily updates on my training, you can follow my Instagram stories @Christal_Lauren. #LAM2018 

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